Dynasty Warriors 4 [Free | Versi INggris]

Diposting oleh Mr.X on Rabu, 26 September 2012

Dynasty Warriors 4 ports to the PC with several upgrades like high resolution graphics, more depth, details and more characters on screen simultaneously.

1.Experience Kingdom Play: Select a new general for each stage of Musou Mode. New conditions for victory emerge as the battle unfolds.
2.Journey through 17 unique maps: Conquer more than 50 stages!
3.Fight enemy officers: Step up to the challenge in fierce one-on-one duels.
4.Battle with giant siege engines: Essential to battlefield victory, siege engines include catapults, battering rams, bridge layers, flamethrowing juggernauts, and more!
5.Create your own officers and bodyguards: Customize your characters in Edit Mode.
6.Play with a host of old and new Dynasty Warriors characters: More than 40 playable characters in all, fully redesigned, including three new officers: Cao Ren, Zhou Tai, and Yue Ying.

Hardware Requirements

-CPU Pentium 4, 1.6GHz or higher
-OS Windows 2000/XP
-Memory 256MB or more of installed memory
-Hard Disk 2.4GB or more of free hard disk space C
-2.4GB of hard disk for installer
-Display 640x48o
-True Color enabled
-Video Card 64MB or more of VRAM, direct x 9.0c
-Radeon series supported, Nvidia Geforce 4xxx and up.

Part1 | 200 MB
Part2 | 200 MB
Part3 | 200 MB
Part4 | 150 MB